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  Grief is tricky. My ex-husband and I were divorced six months before he passed away. Once I heard he was ill I stood by his side as a friend. After he died I continued to move forward with my normal life. Two years later I began to feel guilt, remorse, depressed and finding myself wearing my wedding ring only to find out it was due to feelings of guilt. I called myself having a relationship with him in the spirit. I could not understand why I remained stuck and unhappy. Because the grief started to out weigh the pleasure I contact Dr. Ratliff to see about grief counseling. She recommended me to Dr. Collins/Pastor who is a Certified Grief counselor. I met with him the same day she recommended me to him. That was the best decision for my life. He began to counsel me 1x weekly. He helps my perspective to see situations in a healthy way. I was able to detach from wearing my weeding ring because he helped me realize my ex- husband’s death was not my fault. I began to feel freedom, joy and happiness. As time went on with counseling sessions I no longer feel stuck due to the grief. He is teaching me how to deal with memories in a healthy way because it was the memories I did not want to deal with, but now I can really see the whole picture as it really was. And that helps remove guilt that was not mine in the first place. I’m still learning to socialize and utilize my support system at this time. There are times I think about my ex-husband, but now I have coping skills to utilize and I’m able to deal with the grief in a way I don’t get stuck. Since I started grief counseling my self- esteem, confidence, and hope has been restored. Sometimes I go back to my old ways of thinking, but I talk about it with my therapist and use my coping skills to help me put things in perspective again. Now I know I no longer have to settle for less in life. I thought I was just getting counseling for grief, but it also helps with other areas in my life. My son is great-full and happy he is getting his mother back emotionally and mentally. And Dr. Collins gives his best to be attentive, gives professional feedback that work I see results in my life. Although it’s a process of meeting my goals, but I know I can trust the process. I’m great- full and proud of how far I’ve come on the road of healing. Thanks to God and Dr. Collins.

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