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We provide counseling services for individuals, couples and families facing a wide range of concerns that include, but are not limited to:

Family with Tablet

Marriage and Family Counseling

It's never too late to address the issues keeping your marriage or family from enjoying the healthiest relationship. Whether you are in crisis now, or see one coming, take the leap to get back on track,

Kid's Art Supplies

Parenting Advice

Expanding your family is joyous but stress-filled. Watershed Counseling can be a transformative experience in your transition as a parent.

On a Video Call

Virtual Counseling

is the provision of professional mental health counseling services through the Internet.

Therapy Session

Individual Counseling

Our therapeutic process can, and has, helped people at virtually any stage of life overcome their problems and set out on the path to a better life.

Drawing Time

Pediatric Counseling

We help very young kids lead happy, healthy lives by giving a voice to complicated emotions.

Support Group

Group Sessions

  • Grief Support Groups

  • Grief Program Development for Faith Based and other Community Organizations

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