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Dr. Melvin Collins, Sr. ThD, GC-C

Dr. Collins received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.  He received a Masters and Doctoral Degree of Theology from the New Foundation Theological Seminary.  A Masters of Art Degree in Grief Counseling from Wellington Institute and is a Certified Grief Counselor by the American Academy of Grief Counseling.  He’s currently working on a Masters of Art Degree in Trauma and Crisis Intervention. 


Dr. Collins has 15 years of Ministry experience.  He’s currently the Pastor of the St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church where he has served faithfully for 10 years providing holistic programs to the community. He’s is the Dean of Bachelor’s Studies at New Foundation Theological Seminary, certified to serve as Dean of Standard Leadership Training Schools through the Sunday School Publishing Board, and the Moderator for the Counties of MS Baptist District Association.  


Dr. Collins is the author of two books, “God’s Revelation: A Compelling Image of God’s Achievable Future for Humanity” and “The Art of Preaching and Teaching: A Homiletical Guide”.  He’s currently working on a manuscript “Counseling the Counselor”.  He has a firm passion for Christian Education, Community Outreach, and holistic ministry.  He currently serves as the Founder & President of “Workers for Christ Outreach Ministries” a 501c3 non-profit organization striving to impact the lives of those in need.  His personal motto is “No Soul Left Behind”. 

  • B.B.A. (Bachelor Of Business Administration)- University of Southern Mississippi.   

  • MTH (Master Of Theology)- New Foundation Theological Seminary. 

  • ThD (Doctor of Theology)- New Foundation Theological Seminary.

  • MAGC-C (Masters of Grief Counseling)- Wellington Institute 

  • Certified Grief Counselor by the American Academy of Grief Counseling.

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Dr. Theresia Johnson-Ratliff PhD., L.C.S.W.

In 1999, Theresia Johnson-Ratliff joined the faculty in the School of Social Work at Jackson State University. Since coming to Jackson State University, she has served as faculty in the graduate and under-graduate program, Community/Clinical Coordinator and obtained an Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education. Currently she is Director of Field Education for the Master of Social Work Program and Associate Clinical Professor in the School of Social Work. Dr. Johnson-Ratliff is a Licensed Certified Social Worker for the State of Mississippi.


Theresia Johnson-Ratliff’s professional career outside of academia includes beginning as a clinical social worker at Hinds General Hospital.  She expanded her career into social service administration at Southwest MS Health Agency for Rural People in Tylertown, MS.  Following this career opportunity, Theresia Johnson-Ratliff held the position of Social Work supervisor at Serve-U Home Health Agency and Our Family Home Hospice.  Her professional studies include participating in an Executive Leadership Summit at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and Seminars in Humanities at the Abbey in Loire Valley, France.


Theresia Johnson-Ratliff has over thirty years of consultant experience with various health, mental health, faith- based, and social service agencies.  In addition, she has experience in program development, grant writing, and behavioral health counseling. Theresia Johnson-Ratliff has presented at numerous local, state, and national professional conferences. She is Chief Executive Officer of Combined Human Support Services, Inc. a 501c-3 Non-profit Organization. Dr. Johnson-Ratliff’s most recent achievements include obtaining a Master of Art Degree in Grief Counseling and the status of a Certified Grief Counselor.  She is also in partnership with Dr. Melvin Collins, Sr. of Good Grief, LLC. Furthermore, she is a member of various professional boards and organizations. Dr. Johnson-Ratliff has published and has written in partnership with Dr. Isiah Marshall, Jr. a Gerontology Certificate Program through the School of Social Work at Jackson State University. 


Dr. Johnson-Ratliff is a member of St. Matthew MB Church located in Jackson, MS where she serves as a church trustee and a member of the mission ministry. She is also director of the women department for Counties of MS Baptist District Association (COMBDA). Dr. Theresia Johnson-Ratliff was married to the late Deacon Jessie Ratliff and the daughter of the late Mr. Willie L. Johnson and the late Mrs. Letha M. Johnson. She is the proud mother of Cherish Johnson and the grandmother of Arie and Aya Johnson. Dr. Johnson-Ratliff loves her family, her friends and all of God’s people. Her life’s motto is “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.

  • PhD (Executive, Urban High Education)- Jackson State University 

  • GC-C (Certified Grief Counselor)- The American Academy of Grief Counseling

  • MACG-C (Masters of Grief Counseling)- Wellington Institution 

  • LCSW (License Certified Social Worker)- State of Mississippi

  • MSW (Masters of Social Work)- University of Southern MS

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts, Sociology)- Jackson State University 

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